Stencils kit, 90x90мм for BGA reballing на BGA, 265 pcs.


90x90, 265 pcs

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Stencils kit, 90x90мм for BGA reballing на BGA, 265 pcs.

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Stencils kit, 90x90мм for BGA reballing на BGA, 265 pcs.

0.30mm (2 pcs)

0.30mm 7807A779
0.30mm 82801 IUX

0.35mm (9 pcs)

0.35mm BD82HM55
0.35mm BD82HM65
0.35mm BD82QS67 SLJ4K
0.35mm AC82GS45
0.35mm 82801HUB
0.35mm 330-FBGA-1414
0.35mm SR04S - CPU
0.35mm AF82US15W SLGFQ
0.35mm AC80566

0.40mm (5 pcs)

0.40mm MCP89UZ-A3
0.40mm MCP79U-B2
0.40mm I7-620M
0.40mm BD82H61
0.40mm BD82P55

0.45mm (16 pcs)

0.45mm DDR1
0.45mm DDR2
0.45mm DDR2-2
0.45mm DDR2-3
0.45mm DDR3
0.45mm DDR3-2
0.45mm DDR3-3
0.45mm DDR3-4 KF
0.45mm DDR5
0.45mm AC82PM45
0.45mm PVC0019
0.45mm CG82NM10
0.45mm SF2117LP
0.45mm L110IA07
0.45mm 18A16GW
0.45mm SR071

0.50mm (54 pcs)

0.50mm BR03-N-A3
0.50mm LE82PM956
0.50mm MCP7A-P-B1
0.50mm SB700 RD780
0.50mm ATI IXP460
0.50mm ATI X1300
0.50mm N475-CPU
0.50mm QG 82945P
0.50mm GF100-030-A3
0.50mm NQ 82915GMS
0.50mm 215-0735003
0.50mm G200-103-B3
0.50mm 215-0758000
0.50mm NF790IU-SLI-B1
0.50mm LGA1155
0.50mm 965
0.50mm NF-6100-430
0.50mm 215-0708003
0.50mm G94-300-A1
0.50mm RS800ME
0.50mm QG82945PM
0.50mm 218-0697010
0.50mm G96-600-A1
0.50mm ATI XP600
0.50mm GF 104-325-A1
0.50mm 1822-0727
0.50mm FG900
0.50mm GF 108-876-A1
0.50mm 215-0807018
0.50mm WIICPUB
0.50mm 215-0669065
0.50mm ATI 21514
0.50mm ATI 21515
0.50mm 215-0719090
0.50mm E350
0.50mm STI7162
0.50mm ATI 1100
0.50mm MSPII
0.50mm 82945GMS
0.50mm NF-7150-6301-A2
0.50mm GF GO7400-N-A3
0.50mm MCP77MV-A2
0.50mm ATI 700M
0.50mm LGA1156
0.50mm GF 106-250-KA-A1
0.50mm NF 6801-SLI-N-A2
0.50mm N12P-Q3-A1
0.50mm AND-X2-CPU
0.50mm E50999
0.50mm VX900
0.50mm TMS320DM642AZDK
0.50mm G96-309-A1
0.50mm AMD-CPU
0.50mm ATI 216-0728018

0.55mm (2 pcs)

0.55mm AMD 218-0755064
0.55mm N13P-GL-A1

0.76mm (37 pcs)

0.76mm SIS650
0.76mm 479/LE80539
0.76mm CXD7203-15
0.76mm T7203
0.76mm CXD9833G
0.76mm K8T800
0.76mm 845MP/855PM
0.76mm 82801DBM/82801DB
0.76mm SIS630S
0.76mm 478
0.76mm VT 82C686B
0.76mm PN133
0.76mm 760LV
0.76mm VT82C694X
0.76mm 855GME
0.76mm VN800
0.76mm 82801AA
0.76mm 941
0.76mm AM2
0.76mm CAD9799GP
0.76mm FW82815EP
0.76mm MCP8245RRZU400D
0.76mm IXP150
0.76mm RG82875
0.76mm 82801EB
0.76mm VIA P4M800
0.76mm 754 CPU
0.76mm ATI 216PS2BFA22H
0.76mm K8M800
0.76mm AM3
0.76mm 1825-0050
0.76mm 962
0.76mm 1535+
0.76mm 1825-8249
0.76mm BCM53242
0.76mm FLI18532-LF
0.60mm (117 pcs)

0.60mm BCM6368UKPBG
0.60mm XBOX360CPU
0.60mm CPS3-CPU
0.60mm PS3-CPU
0.60mm MT 5388
0.60mm SIS 661FX
0.60mm VIA P4M900
0.60mm 215RGMDKA13FG
0.60mm SIS 655FX
0.60mm QG5000P
0.60mm 9000IGP
0.60mm 420GO
0.60mm MT 5363
0.60mm N270 SLB73
0.60mm 82801FBM
0.60mm GO5200
0.60mm FXGO5200
0.60mm FX5700
0.60mm FX5900
0.60mm VIA 1822-0724
0.60mm VIA C7-M
0.60mm 28V3-0001
0.60mm S4LHP01
0.60mm FG456EGQ0817
0.60mm BCM5464
0.60mm HSI-A4
0.60mm X380
0.60mm NF550/570
0.60mm 82801HBM
0.60mm XBOX360HANA
0.60mm PS3-GPU
0.60mm CXD2980BGB
0.60mm AC82X38
0.60mm CXD2972GB
0.60mm CXD2973GB
0.60mm XBOX360CSP
0.60mm CXD2964GB
0.60mm WII-GPU AA
0.60mm WII-GPU
0.60mm K8M890
0.60mm XC15000 676
0.60mm 62898C2
0.60mm 82915P
0.60mm M1573 R1
0.60mm SIS671
0.60mm VT8237R
0.60mm VT8251
0.60mm SAA7117AE
0.60mm VX 700
0.60mm MT8202AG
0.60mm MT8520
0.60mm 307
0.60mm 989
0.60mm VT8237S
0.60mm 215-0718020
0.60mm NV MCP89M2-A2
0.60mm SIS662
0.60mm CXD2976GB
0.60mm WII-CPU
0.60mm XBOX360GPU
0.60mm XBOX360GPU-B
0.60mm TSX188-B1A02-L
0.60mm CXD9209GB
0.60mm PW106B-10L
0.60mm DCM56639
0.60mm CX700M
0.60mm SIS649
0.60mm CB6849
0.60mm BCM21000
0.60mm VT8235M
0.60mm RC82540EM
0.60mm CIZBZ0003716
0.60mm M1697-AIB
0.60mm MT5362BLG
0.60mm VIA CLE266
0.60mm NF-4N-A3 NF4-A3
0.60mm 1828-0206
0.60mm ATI 218BAPAGA12F
0.60mm AC82X58
0.60mm LGA1366
0.60mm 82801IB/82801IR
0.60mm PN800
0.60mm K6-C16
0.60mm ATI 9200/X300/X700/9700
0.60mm ATI RC410MB
0.60mm 9100 IGP
0.60mm R360
0.60mm NF 250
0.60mm ATI 200M
0.60mm 9600-T2
0.60mm MX440
0.60mm 4200GO
0.60mm NF-GO150
0.60mm SIS 965L
0.60mm 82801BA
0.60mm ATI 7500 9000
0.60mm SIS756
0.60mm X1800
0.60mm VIA P4M898
0.60mm SIS968
0.60mm PS3-CXR714120
0.60mm CXD2981GB
0.60mm 845GL/845GV
0.60mm 648 FX
0.60mm SIS964L
0.60mm 775 CPU
0.60mm NF-430-N-A3
0.60mm ATI IXP400
0.60mm G80-100-K1-A2
0.60mm NF-G6150-N-A2
0.60mm 9000 64M
0.60mm 80001HB
0.60mm RG82865PE
0.60mm 915PM/915GM
0.60mm VIA VT8235
0.60mm MPC8270
0.60mm 1009HAL

Universal (23 pcs)

0.30mm 31 x 31
0.30mm 46 x 46
0.35mm 31 x 31
0.35mm 46 x 46
0.40mm 47 x 47
0.45mm 47 x 47
0.50mm 35 x 35
0.50mm 40 x 40
0.50mm 46 x 46
0.60mm 24 x 24
0.60mm 27 x 27
0.60mm 30 x 30
0.60mm 33 x 33
0.60mm 41 x 41
0.60mm P=0.9 46 x 46
0.60mm P=1.0 46 x 46
0.60mm P=1.1 28 x 28
0.76mm P=1.27 33 x 33
0.76mm 34 x 34
0.76mm P=1.27 37 x 37
0.76mm 41 x 41
0.76mm P=1.27 46 x 46
1.00mm 44 x 44


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Stencils kit, 90x90мм for BGA reballing на BGA, 265 pcs.

Stencils kit, 90x90мм for BGA reballing на BGA, 265 pcs.

Stencils kit, 90x90мм for BGA reballing на BGA, 265 pcs.

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