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• Subscription technical support is aimed at individual and corporate customers who need guaranteed, reliable and professional service. By paying only a fixed monthly fee, a team of experienced specialists will monitor your systems, take care of their performance and help you when problems arise that interfere with your activity.
• Subscription technical support is the alternative that will not increase the costs of the health of your information structure, and will guarantee you the availability of professional help when and where you need it.
• The scope of subscription contracts includes all types of desktop and laptop computers, servers, peripheral devices (printers, plotters, scanners, multifunction devices, monitors, fax machines), system support of software products (Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Autodesk, Symantec, ABBYY etc.), computer networks and network communication devices, institutional telephone exchanges.
• In addition, Bulcomp Engineering subscribers can extend the monitoring period of their systems to the very maximum -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, guaranteeing the availability of a specialist or a team of specialists at any time of the day, every day of the year.What's more, free consultations by phone or other form of communication are included with every subscription contract. As well as individual help for working with the most common software products and solving non-standard software problems.If you have any questions or would like to receive additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Online store "parts4laptops" is maintained by Bulcomp Engineering Ltd., established in 2006 by specialists with many years of experience in the field of computer technology.

Trade address of the company: Plovdiv 4003, 34 Karlovska Str tel: +359 32 944 047, fax: +359 32 962759, e-mail:

Bulcom Engineering Ltd. specializes in the field of information technology. The priority of the company is import and delivery of spare parts, tools, materials and consumables in the field of repair of computer equipment, sale and service of computer equipment, peripherals and consumables, development of complete high-tech solutions. Our goal is to always offer the highest quality product and the best services to our customers, fully satisfying their needs for the present and in the future. With us you will always find polite, complete and fast service, you will get the right product you need with guaranteed quality and origin.

What do we offer?

• Import and delivery of all types of IC chips (integrated circuits) used in the field of computer technology (desktops and laptops, tablets and smartphones). Import a large range of chips used in television equipment.
Import and delivery of other types of spare parts for laptops, tablets, smartphones and TV's - power adapters, connectors, cables, displays, modules etc.
• Import, delivery, maintenance and support of equipment, instruments and materials for replacement of BGA chips and repair of laptop, tablet, smartphones and TV's motherboards.
• Delivery and installation of desktop and laptop computers, software products, peripherals and consumables for them, uninterruptible power supplies from leading global manufacturers.
• Warranty and post-warranty accurate and timely maintenance.
• Free and competent consultations online and by phone from qualified specialists.
• Construction and maintenance of local networks.
• Delivery and installation of office telephone exchanges.
• Development of complete IT solutions.
• Subscription hardware and software support.
• Repair of all types of computer equipment.

Online shop for new and refurbished laptops, spare parts and components, equipment for workshop repair

Online shop for new and refurbished laptops, spare parts and components for laptops, notebooks, ultrabooks, netbooks, tablets, smartphones, smart TV and other computer based devices