Motherboard Diagnostic POST Test Card PTi8



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Motherboard Diagnostic POST Test Card PTi8

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PTI8 could offer real-time monitoring on the voltage, and the professional function like key signal monitoring. With unique MutiPost technology

PTI8 is able to monitor most POST interface of most motherboard, and it is compatible with most of the popular motherboards

Pti8 has MINIPCIE, MINIPCI, LPC these three interfaces of notebook PC, which makes it new generation motherboards LCD Post Card that is compatible with both desktop and notebook PC.

- It supports Desktop PCI interface and laptop Mini PCI-E interface, Comprehensively compatible all motherboards' PCI socket.
- Passed the strict test for 9 kinds of Asus mainstream motherboards, cover INTEL and AMD mainstream products.
- The compatibility also passed the test for a series of motherboards of INTEL 815, INTEL 845, INTEL 865, INTEL 915, INTEL 945 INTEL 965 ATI SB600, ATI Xpress 200, ATI Xpress 1100, AMD 480X chipset
- It can diagnosis the motherboard signal which show the problem of CPU, Memory, display card and so on
- Intelligent analysis of the code corresponding to the cause of the malfunction, and gives diagnostic program
- LCD displays shows diagnosis result of motherboard
- Size: Fits Most Standard Motherboards

- Package contents
    - 1 x Diagnostic Debug Card support Desktop PCI with extention LCD Display
    - 1 x Diagnostic Card support Laptop Mini PCI / Mini PCI-E / LPC
    - 1 x Cable for Laptop diagnostic card
    - 1 x Manual


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Motherboard Diagnostic POST Test Card PTi8

Motherboard Diagnostic POST Test Card PTi8

Motherboard Diagnostic POST Test Card PTi8

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